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Hi jay,
It just may be a white Christmas-----Lee's family is coming Sunday to search for a tree on the neighbor's no doubt.   so we'll get one too.   I'm working tomorrow for Cal-wood's big tree event----lunch for 125----lots of gingerbread cookies too.

When are you coming?    Lee will be gone for a week to Florida---so hope not to be sick and get the house decorated and cleaned out.  
love to you, mom
Hi my son,
The years start to zoom, life events are unavoidable,   laugh a lot,  love, a lot and keep on moving --hard to hit a moving target!
your biggest fan,  live, Mom
 china is my next destination----leaving september 8 and will be in there three weeks.   Anyone been there?  What was the most fun?

Check it out---Deetimm.com---learn about orginal prints---intaglio, lithograpy, wooodcuts and monotypes----happy to answer questions.